DiY guitar - Electrifusion (resonator), Pawlonia
DiY guitar kits - ref : KG_DBpl_CX_01

250.6 $



The electric guitar kit Electrifusion is one of our gems – approved by our experts. On top of its creative shape, a resonator boosts a more powerful and metallic sound. This kit is a perfect choice for blues players.

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Kit contents

Kit contents

Pawlonia Body & set-in body-neck joint

Maple neck & black (walnut) fingerboard with white perloid inlay, 21 fret

1 humbucker pick-up & 1 acoustic pick-up

1 silver volumes, 1 silver tone & silver control

Silver tuners and silver resonator cover plates

Electronics, guitar parts & hardware are all included

Strings are provided​

Technical support & instruction guide available on request

Delivery: 3 to 5 working days in UK (worldwide delivery available)  

No sample currently available.